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Threats to Super-Yachts

Super-Yachts and mega-yachts face the same problems as other civilian vessels, in fact the threat they face is actually higher than for most vessels; this is because they are extremely attractive targets given the multi-million dollar value of the vessel, their expensive contents and the potentially high ransom payments that can be obtained for their passengers.

Yachts are especially vulnerable because of their low free-board, relatively small crews, the accessibility of their tenders and the fact that they frequently anchor in quiet bays, away from police protection.

There have been recent attacks on yachts in areas that are normally regarded as low risk, including the Mediterranean.

In the rest of the world the threat of violence to yachts has increased in virtually all areas, including the whole of South and Central America, the Caribbean, SE and Eastern Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent, the whole of the Middle East and all of Africa. Yachts, once taken, can be used as "mother ships" by pirates, in the same way that tugs and trawlers are.

There has also been an increase of crime in marinas and anchorages.

in the news: Corsica

A gang of four masked men boarded a £20million yacht in the Mediterranean and robbed guests and crew of more than £100,000.

The modern-day pirates pulled alongside the 160ft vessel in a speedboat, then stormed aboard wielding handguns and rifles.

They ordered the captain to empty the boat's safe, then told the nine guests  -  who had paid £130,000 for their one-week charter  -  to hand over their cash and valuables.

The yacht, called Tiara, was anchored several miles off southern Corsica when the raid happened.

The Daily Mail, 26th August 2008

Ship owners require resilience, not merely security


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