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Our objective is to reduce the risks faced by vessels transiting dangerous waters, by training officers and crews in drills and procedures, and by recommending all necessary equipment.

We prove Anti-Piracy training courses at Poole in Dorset for ship-owners' and ships' officers, and assist in training the crews of vessels.

The anti-piracy courses cover a range of different subjects. Clients may request that specific extra subjects be taught, depending on their main operating areas, the types of vessel operated, levels of anti-piracy equipment carried, or specific concerns.                           
Idarat Maritime does not advocate the use of firearms on board merchant vessels, and we do not provide weapons training.

Our trainers instruct ships' officers on a regular basis. The instructors all have service training and experience, so they can give “real world” advice.


in the news: Somalia

Somali pirates have hijacked a tanker, The Longchamp and its crew of 12 Filipinos and one Indonesian.

AP, 29 Jan. 2009

Ship owners require resilience, not merely security



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Our Aims

1. To provide effective Systemic Resilience at sea by taking a holistic, helicopter view to solve an increasingly challenging international problem.

2. To design, provide and service a fully integrated, but flexible, package of equipment, intelligence data and personnel which will enable merchant vessels to safely transit high threat areas, or to safely visit high threat ports.