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Vessel Security

Idarat Ltd. provides solutions to counter threats from piracy at sea. We focus our expertise and services in the maritime environment. Our operative have many years' practical experience of maritime protection operations.

ship & tugThe package of services and equipment we provide enhances the security and increases the resilience of vessels and their crews.

The Idarat system of vessel protection (resilience) is based on training officers and crew, and assessment of the vessel.

We take nothing for granted and the essence of our approach
is that we provide multiple levels of protection, all interlinked with standard operating procedures and drills.

Unless a vessel is particularly vulnerable, for example is very slow and has a low free-board, Idarat Maritime believes that its systemic approach to vessel resilience will protect a vessel and its crew when transiting dangerous waters. For vulnerable vessels, or where the crew are not trained in our methods, we do offer onboard security teams.


in the news: Asia

There had been an increase in the number of actual incidents in Asia in 2008 compared to 2007.

The greatest increase occurred in the Category 2 (moderately significant) incidents.

There was a slight decrease in the number of Category 1 incidents in 2008 compared to 2007. Of the Category 1 incidents reported in 2008, two were hijacking incidents.

Lloyds List. 2 Feb. 2009

Shipowners require resilience, not merely security


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Our Aims

1. To provide effective Systemic Resilience at sea by taking a holistic, helicopter view to solve an increasingly challenging international problem.

2. To design, provide and service a fully integrated, but flexible, package of equipment, intelligence data and personnel which will enable merchant vessels to safely transit high threat areas, or to safely visit high threat ports.