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International Maritime Organization (IMO)

IMB Piracy Reporting Centre
primarily for yachts but a good indicator


Books and Articles

Contemporary Piracy and Maritime Terrorism (Adelphi Papers) (Paperback)
by Martin N. Murphy - Routledge; 2007
Maritime Terror: Protecting Yourself, Your Vessel and Your Crew Against Piracy by Jim Gray, Mark Monday, and Gary Stubblefield - Paladin Press, U.S. 1999)
Pirates Aboard: 40 Cases of Piracy Today and What Bluewater Cruisers Can Do About it: 40 Cases of Piracy Today and What Bluewater Cruisers Can Do About It - Klaus Hympendahl, Sheridan House, 2006
The Outlaw Sea: Chaos and Crime on the World's Oceans - William Langewiesche, Granta Books 2006
A Time Bomb for Global Trade: Maritime-related Terrorism in an Age of Weapons of Mass Destruction - Michael Richardson, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2004
Piracy, Maritime Terrorism and Securing the Malacca Straits (Iias/Iseas Series on Maritime Issues and Piracy in Asia)  Graham Gerard Ong-Webb (Editor), Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2006
The Law of the Sea (Melland Schill Studies in International Law) - R.R. Churchill and A.V. Lowe, Manchester University Press Melland Schill Studies; 3 Rev Ed edition, 1999
Maritime Terrorism: Risk and Liability - Michael D. Greenberg, RAND, 2007 (download from

The Maritime Dimension of International Security Terrorism, Piracy, and Challenges for the United States - RAND Corporation 2008

Contemporary Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia: History, Causes and Remedies - Adam J Young, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2007
Terrorism and the Maritime Transportation System - Anthony M. Davis, WingSpan Publishing, 2008
Dangerous Waters, Modern Piracy and Terror on the High Seas - John S. Burnett, Plume Books, 2003



in the news: Somalia

A new deal to enhance co-operation between states fighting Somali piracy has been signed by nine countries.
The code of conduct was signed by eight African coastal nations and Ethiopia at a high level meeting organized by the International Maritime Organization in Djibouti this week. 

Lloyds List. 30 Jan. 2009

Ship owners require resilience, not merely security

Our Aims

1. To provide effective Systemic Resilience at sea by taking a holistic, helicopter view to solve an increasingly challenging international problem.

2. To design, provide and service a fully integrated, but flexible, package of equipment, intelligence data and personnel which will enable merchant vessels to safely transit high threat areas, or to safely visit high threat ports.