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Experience & Expertise

directors' experience and knowledge

Idarat Maritime's directors have many years of experience in maritime operations, counter-insurgency and port security, including energy installations offshore. They have extensive experience in maritime operations, including anti-piracy, crisis management, capability audit and anti-terrorism.

expertise of partners

Idarat Maritime's partners and contractors are preeminent in their field; they all have extensive knowledge and enviable track records working with governments on three continents, major shipping interests and insurers. They are currently engaged in the provision of maritime resilience to vessels sailing in the Red Sea and off the East African coast. All have also worked with the energy industry.         


in the news: Somalia

Somali pirates have hijacked a tanker, The Longchamp and its crew of 12 Filipinos and one Indonesian.

AP, 29 Jan. 2009

Ship owners require resilience, not merely security


Our Aims

1. To provide effective Systemic Resilience at sea by taking a holistic, helicopter view to solve an increasingly challenging international problem.

2. To design, provide and service a fully integrated, but flexible, package of equipment, intelligence data and personnel which will enable merchant vessels to safely transit high threat areas, or to safely visit high threat ports.