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Idarat Ltd. (formerly Idarat Maritime Ltd.) was established in order to provide systemic and resilient solutions to the problems faced by shipping lines, ocean service companies, and the operators of oil rigs and other maritime installations; in order to safeguard shipping and other maritime assets.

We provide a security system (The Idarat Defence System TM) in which fleet-wide procedures, training and drills are combined with approved equipment (the requirements for which are identified during our Vessel Assessment audit) and predictive intelligence to deliver "systemic resilience".

Idarat Ltd. believes that the shipping industry needs effective and practical standards for maritime security in order to deal with piracy and other threats to shipping. These standards need to be Jacketsystematic and resilient .

Our directors and managers have many years' experience in dealing with maritime security processes at the highest level, and our staff are highly qualified.





Ship owners require resilience, not merely security


Maritime Resiliencetwitter



  • intelligence,
  • audit and preparation of the vessel,
  • training of the crew,
  • assistance to the Master and ship's officers,
  • reconnaissance,
  • enhanced watch-keeping,
  • avoidance,
  • warning,
  • deterrence and (only when all else has been tried)
  • the physical prevention of boarding by using non-lethal equipment operated by trained maritime security operatives.